Shika fashion shoot Friday 16th August

by michelle

August 14, 2013

Sorry I’ve not blogged for so long but things have been really busy but I’m back and will try my best to keep it up.  Well we’ve managed to do it and have our look book shoot scheduled for Friday 16th August.  This will be showing some of our Spring Summer Collection for 2014.  I have managed to rope in some brilliant people to help Stylist Lizanne Harris Weeks, Beautiful Model and Shika fan Renske Macfarlane, Fab Photographer Simon Clemenger and Designer Leah Hopkinson.  I can’t wait to see the photos, but as with everything, it’s all rather chaotic.  I don’t even have the clothes yet.  They are in transit from Tanzania and due to arrive tomorrow.  I have been stalking  the DHL tracking system hourly to check there are no hold ups – especially in customs… there is not a lot we can do HMRC decide they want to hold up the package.   Of course it shouldn’t have been last minute like this but a succession on bank holidays last week in Tanzania meant that DHL Arusha didn’t open until Monday – so it’s been rather hairy!  I am going to tweet on our new account @ossoshika some of the behind the scenes shots of the shoot.  And will publish some photos here.  We are planning on this being a look book to help us generate some new wholesale customers for next year and for us to open our web shop in February/ March next year.  However, we don’t have all the new designs for next year, we will need to shoot those in a latter shoot later on this year which will make up our look book part 2.  Watch this space to see some of the photos!