Christmas Party

by Martin Pahl

December 13, 2013

Thanks everybody who helped and those who donated for our 2013 christmas party.

It was a great day and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.  The celebrations involved:

10:00 Welcome all children and guests and collecting books
11:00 Announcement of the programme (Susi)
11:15 Christmas Play Bible Club
11:45 Picture Slide Show Computer Club
12:15 Christmas Songs 1 – Band
12:30 Dancing Club – Performance
1:00 Lunch – Pilau, Salad and Fruits
2:00 Christmas Song 2 – Band
2:15 Star Charts Awards
2:30 Christmas Presents
2:30 Music to dance


Mary dancing

Clinton dancing


Ashra Present

Interview with Sarina – Shika Volunteer

by Dianna

December 6, 2013

International volunteers come from a diverse range of countries and age groups, offering a wide variety of skills and experience. Some volunteers provide general support to the after school programme and others come offering focused workshops to teach and foster specific talents.

Shika is grateful for the contribution each and every volunteer makes as part of the after school programme.  This month we interview Sarina Hadas from Germany who is currently volunteering at Shika.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sarina, I am 23 years old and I come from Munich in Germany. I am studying cultural sciences in Regensburg, near Munich.

How did you come to volunteer at Shika?

I met Hanna in Regensburg, Hanna had been volunteering at Shika earlier this year and her stories caught my attention. I was really curious about the Shika programme and decided to come to Tanzania.

What’s your strongest impression of the work Shika is doing with the after school programme?

Shika is doing a great and important job for the children. The children really benefit from the after school programme. They get tuition, have activities, have something reasonable to do in the afternoon. With the after school programme the children are better prepared for their future lives in secondary school or in the working field.

What activities have you been involved in or initiated?

During my time here I’ve done a lot of research and evaluation to improve the Shika programme. I have worked directly with the children in a range of activities, games and art.

What impresses you most about the children?

The happiness and the smiling faces. The children are so passionate about everything everyone does with them. In contrast to children in the western world, they are pleased and happy with the little things.  There are really interested in technology and intrigued by seeing things like video’s on Youtube.

What do you think generally is the biggest challenge for the children?

The biggest problem is the poverty and the education system. Everything starts with education. Children need a good education to learn life skills, to learn how to behave and to aim to find a good job. Without education, they have little opportunity to improve their lives.

What are the biggest challenges you have experienced?

I’ve had no problems with the people and the culture, that’s been fine. The big challenges are at work. In a country where power outages are common and unexpected, it is hard to work efficiently and achieve the same outcomes. Working without power and  water has been challenging.

What do you find most rewarding about your volunteer experience?

Volunteering is an amazing experience. You really connect with the Tanzanian people and culture. The children welcome youwith open arms and are always so nice and cheerful. I learned a lot from them. They are happy with little and less things. One can really learn from them.

Would you encourage others to volunteer and why?

I definitely would encourage others to volunteer. Volunteering is the perfect chance to help others and also get to know oneself better. Living and working abroad while helping people is an awesome experience.

What improvements would you recommend?

Shika offers many activities and clubs, as well as the fashion label. There are a lot of organisational tasks in administering the programme and making sure each child’s needs are taken care of. It would be great if Shika could afford another staff member to help with all the work.


5 Day per week trial lunches begin

by Dianna

December 5, 2013

December 2013 is an exciting time for Shika with Dianna’s on-line auction and donations raising £11016.46 for the children of Shika.  Thank you to Melbourne’s creative community and all of those individuals, businesses and media that supported the Lunch Money auction. What an outstanding result and testament to the generosity of the Melbourne creative community and Dianna’s friends. Shika is very thankful to you all. You can view the fundraising totals at

Shika is trialing the 5 day per week feeding between 2/12/2013 and 13/12/2013 for all 85 primary school children attending the after school programme. The trial menu is:

Monday – Rice, green lentils and cooked vegetables (cabbage-carrot), Tuesday – Ugali and Spinich, Wednesday – Fruit (Mandarine, Oranges, Watermelon, Mangoes, pineapple), Thursday –  Makande (Soup made from Maize, Beans, Carrots, Tomato, Paprika and Coconut), Friday – Boiled Potatoes with Carotts and Tomato-Cucumber salad

100_0147_LRFood is being prepared in the school kitchen and we are currently cooking with firewood and gas. Children bring their own plates and eat in the classrooms. Each child is responsible for cleaning his/her own plate. Nora is the main cook and Mama Peter helps her with cutting, preparing and serving the food to the children. Nora visits the market on a daily basis to buy fresh food.  Fruit and vegetables are sourced from the local market nearby the school in the Ngarenaro area.

On Wednesday Mama Glory (Glory is one of our students in class 6) brings fruits for all the children. Nora and Mama Peter cut and serve the fruit. Primary School begins again on 13/1/2014 and there will be 47 primary school children being supported with a daily lunch as part of the after school programme.

We are closely monitoring the programme and looking to review outcomes on a monthly basis.