Farewelling our Volunteer Sarah Daute

by Susi

February 27, 2014

Sarah Daute, a 24 year old student of Education in Childhood and Youth has been volunteering with Shika for the past 6 months. Sarah joined our team in October 2013 after a professor at Sarah’s University suggested the Shika programme for her Internship. Having previously volunteered in Arusha in 2010/2011 for 12 months, Sarah was very glad to return.

During her time with Shika, Sarah has helped with office work, as well the After School Support Programme (ASSP). Sarah initiated new clubs like the book club, bible club and life skills club. As part of the life skills club, Sarah discussed topics with the children like religion, health and personal presentation.

While working with the children, especially the girls, Sarah decided to initiate a ‘girls club’ with the aim of empowering and guiding them. “A lot of girls begin relationships early and are really vulnerable.” Sarah said.

“The girls club and counselling where the most rewarding for me because I could use some methods from my studies and the children responded very positively. Often the girls were early and asked with bright shining eyes when we would start.”

Counselling was a big part of Sarah’s job and she provided dedicated counselling for 3 children in cooperation with our full-time Shika counsellor Neema. “In the beginning this was a big challenge for me. However the opportunity to take part in a “Basic Counselling Skills” course at Arusha Mental Health Trust has given me a strong foundation and confidence in counselling the children.”

Sarah was a very dedicated and engaged volunteer.  Looking beyond her immediate impact, Sarah also left concepts and plans so other volunteers can continue with her clubs and activities.

“I will miss them all so much and I hope that I will not only leave memories, but also something from my work will remain and help Shika.”

From the Shika Team and the children whose lives you touched, a huge heartfelt thank you Sarah for your hard work. You have made an amazing contribution to the children of Shika.

counselling child

follow up counselling


Shika Open House Day – Saturday 22 February at 4pm

by Dianna

February 18, 2014

Susi Mayer, our Programme Manager in Tanzania, has been working tirelessly with our  team of volunteers, staff and Shika children to facilitate a Shika Open House Day.

The Open House Day will be hosted at Unity Primary School on Saturday 22 February at 4pm

(Unity Primary School is located on Nairobi Road close to the technical college)

The Open House Day aims to give the local community an insight into the work Shika is doing for the children.  We hope to raise awareness to allow us to fund raise locally and continue to forge and foster relationships within the Tanzanian community.

The Open House Day will include performances by the Shika Choir and Shika Girls band, as well as a drumming performance with recycled material.

Those who have been following our Shika Fashion Label will be excited to know that we will be having a fashion sale as part of our Open House Day.

The parents of our Shika children are very happy to be a part of the Open House Day.  They have agreed to invest their own money to prepare food to sell at the Open House Day. Mama Halima, Auntie George and Mama Omary will buy the food from the market so all the women can prepare the food together on Saturday. The parents are so happy to be involved: “Its our chance to show our appreciation.”

Karibu Sana (welcome) to our friends in Tanzania.  Please support us by coming along and letting the children show you their appreciation and talents.

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Lunches – Jan 2014

by Dianna

February 3, 2014

Following Dianna Snape’s successful ‘Lunch Money‘ auction, Shika has been able to start 2014 with a healthy food programme.

The primary objectives of our food programme are:

  • to eliminate short-term hunger so that children can concentrate and make the most of their sponsored education
  • to improve the diet of the children by providing a healthy meal focused on the provision of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • to educate the children and their families on healthy eating and the importance of feeding the children a balanced diet so that they can help improve the children’s diets
  • to engage parents of the children by employing them as a priority when staff are required

The programme costs 1,099,000 TZS per month which is approximately £500 GPB per month or £6000 per year.  This covers the costs of food, transport, staff, firewood & gas.

The programme includes 5 healthy meals per week.


Monday: Rice, Lentils, Carrots, Cabbage

Tuesday: Egg, Milk, Bread

Wednesday: Fruit – Orange, Manderine, Mango, Avocado, Watermelon, Pineapple, Papaya
(Seasonal, depending upon what is affordable and available.)

Thursday: Makande (A soup of Maize, Beans, Carrots, Paprika, Tomato and coconut)

Friday: Boiled Cassava with a Tomato-Cucumber salad and Chili

Nora (our main cook) has seen many great improvements from the food initiative.

Has the work with Shika brought any changes to your life yet?

“Yes, I really like my work with Shika and it is bringing positive change to both mine and other people’s lives.  The children really like the food, when they come with their plates they can’t hide the smile on their faces.”

How important is healthy food for your life?

“I have changed my food menu at home since Shika taught me about nutritious food. Since then I feel that I have more energy to follow my daily tasks and my work. I can also see changes with my children, they are more healthy and are not getting as sick as they did before, especially my 4-year old daughter Glory, she is growing faster now and has a lot more energy.”

A word from Mama Peter:

Mama Peter helps Nora with cutting, preparing and serving the food to the children.

Mama Peter has known the Shika children since they were young as she has worked at the Unity School for many years.

“The Shika children are really happy now. Some of them have already gained weight and now all the children are participating in the programmes everyday after they have taken their lunch.”

A word from Angela (a student in year 5):

“The food is good, my favorite food this week was Makande.”

We really want to keep this programme going for 2015, so if you’d like to donate or fund raise – please contact Dianna at Shika via info@shika.org.uk

Shika relies completely on fund raising to keep the after school centre and food programme functioning.

Every bit counts, small or large!