Our Tanzanian Team

Shika is a small organisation run in the UK by a group of committed individuals who give their time and experience for free.  This enables us to keep operational costs down channelling the maximum amount of money to our projects in Tanzania.  

Our permanent Tanzanian Team are work tirelessly to ensure our children are cared for and educated.

Tanzanian Programme Manager: Neema Mallya
Sponsored Children Graduate High School in 2017

Sponsored Children Graduate High School in 2017



Neema joined Shika in October 2011.  She has worked her way up the ranks to her current position, demonstrating a real gift for social work, counselling and programme management.

She is trusted, respected and loved by the students and families, due to her open, kind and conscientious approach to her work.

Neema has continued to study while with Shika and now holds a Masters in Community Economic Development as well as a Bachelor of Education.   She also holds certificates in Basic Counselling Skills, HIV/AIDS Education & Prevention and In-depth training on VCT.  She worked as a counselor at Kelamfua Secondary School and Huruma Hospital before joining Shika.  Neema is the backbone of our programme in Tanzania and we feel incredibly blessed to have her as part of our team.




Education Assistant: Nora
Nora 1

Nora, left



Nora started working with Shika in 2013 as a cook. She makes healthy meals for the Shika children who attend the after school support programme and also helps support Neema with other activities, such as taking the children to the hospital (when needed), picking up school results and helping with school equipment shopping.




Various International Volunteers

International volunteers come from a diverse range of countries and age groups, offering a wide variety of skills and experience.  Some volunteers have provided general support to the after school programme and provided extra tuition, while others have focused workshops to teach and foster specific talents.


Shika Volunteers have formulated and contributed the following initiatives:

  • Shika Girls Band – Over a period of 3 months, the girls worked with Silvi to write and perform their own song.  The soundtrack was recorded and a supporting video made.
  • Photography Workshop – 18 cameras and 2 Laptops were donated from Australia for this workshop.  Dianna designed and commissioned a custom cupboard to be made by a local carpenter to store and secure the cameras. Over a one-month period 10 students were taught how to care for and use the cameras. Students took the cameras home on weekends to undertake specific assignments.
  • A number of after school clubs were initiated by Rebecca including a book club, sports club and computer club.  These clubs allow children with common interests to meet and learn new skills under the supervision of staff and volunteers.