Shika Sponsorship Fees

Fees effective January 2018 

Full Sponsor: From £380 per year ($500 USD*) 

Half Sponsor: From £190 per year ($250 USD*)


*Based on November 2018 exchange rate and the child’s individual needs.  Please check the rate before you send money.  Also, please note, for sponsors outside of the UK we need to charge for international bank fees associated with foreign payments.  Please therefore need to add an extra £20 ($26 USD) to your annual sponsor fee to cover this.

Please do get in touch if you would like to get involved but are unable to find the donation amounts above.  There maybe some other way you can support a child.

All sponsorship fees are payable either as a lump sum yearly in advance, or monthly via:

  • Standing order into our UK bank account
  • Via the ‘Donate’ button on our Just Giving page

What is the difference between a Full Sponsor and a Shared Sponsor?


Photo Oct 21, 3 54 35 PM

Another Shika sponsorship success… a thrilled Winnie on her secondary school graduation day.

As a full sponsor you will be the sole sponsor of your sponsor child and will have our best level in interactivity with your sponsor child.

As a shared sponsor, you will share the costs of sponsorship with another sponsor.  The amount of correspondence you receive from your sponsored child will reflect the level of interactivity you choose.

What does the sponsorship fee include?

We simply charge you the costs that the school passes onto us.

The sponsorship fee includes provision of the following:

  • School tuition fees
  • School uniforms, books and material costs
  • Schools trips
  • Lunch at school
  • Boarding costs and equipment
  • Other extra schooling costs: mock examination fees, examination fees, desk fees, school admin fees and graduation fees
  • Individual Education Support Package

In addition to the basic schooling costs, your fee also covers the cost of your sponsor child’s individual educational support package.  This is a vital level of support that really makes the difference to the student’s performance at school.  It includes any social support, counselling, school follow ups, life skills training, job search and career development.


In order to keep sponsorship costs to a minimum we use any money generated by UK Gift Aid donations to subsidise any additional costs.  It is therefore vital that, if eligible, please do enable us to claim Gift Aid (tax relief) on your donations.  The more money we generate from gift aid, the less we need to increase sponsorship fees each year.

We keep our costs down by staffing our UK operation solely by a team of committed, unpaid volunteers.   We pay local staff fairly to administer the programmes in Tanzania out of the school sponsorship fee.  If anyone would like to see an exact breakdown of the sponsorship fee please email

To sponsor a child please fill out our sponsorship form or email us at