Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteering with Shika

Shika runs an established and effective volunteer programme matching the children’s needs with your own.  We welcome enthusiastic, energetic and positive people to join the team in Tanzania.  As we are a small organisation, there is the scope to get involved in many aspects day to day running of our projects.

Where will I be working?

Shika volunteers work at our after school support programme for vulnerable children in the deprived area of Ngarenaro in the city of Arusha, Northern Tanzania.  The after school project provides a safe and fun environment where our most vulnerable children come to get help with their schoolwork and other issues that are having a negative effect on their education.  Here they receive food, counselling and child protection services, extra tuition, life skills classes, group activities such as art classes and sporting activities.  It gives them the support lacking at home to help them complete their schooling.

We do all we can to facilitate children living with their families if at all possible, and to this end we do not run an orphanage.  We have found that keeping families together is the most beneficial for many of the children we work with.  Our programmes provide the necessary support they need to do this.

What will I do as a Shika Volunteer in Tanzania?

As a volunteer, you will work closely with the children attending our after school programme.  Volunteers get involved in a whole range of activities from tutoring and playing games with the children, teaching life skills lesson – you bring in your own talent and use it in the work with the kids.  The centre is a lively place, so you’ll need to be flexible and open-minded, but you’ll never be bored!  There will also be time off at weekends to explore Arusha and the national parks nearby. For those of you who wish to teach in a more formal environment we can also provide placements in schools teaching larger classes of children.  This can be done in addition to work at the after school centre.  We are also welcoming volunteers with professional backgrounds and experience to help us with admin task, as well as evaluation and development of our programmes! For those of you with a business or design background there is also the option of working at our clothing label “Shika” also located in Arusha.

Where will I be located?

The Shika after school support programme for orphaned and vulnerable children is situated in the deprived area of Ngarenaro in the city of Arusha, Northern Tanzania.  Tanzania is a country affected by extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and lack of opportunity.  These challenging conditions mean that life is tough in Tanzania.   This results in an ever-increasing orphan and vulnerable children population.  Shika works with some of the most vulnerable children in the locality, and our educational support programme, provides them with them with the vital need to work their way out of their cycle of poverty.

Who will I be working with?

The children we work with are mostly classified as orphaned or vulnerable.  Many are living in extreme poverty and some are living with HIV/AIDS.  Some suffer from neglect and abuse (emotional, physical and sexual).   Our after school programme was conceived to help these children overcome the challenging situations at home, and support them to focus on education as an escape route from their poverty.  As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work closely with these children and be able to see changes in their life.

What sort of person should I be?

To get the most from your volunteering, you should be open minded and flexible.  Motivation and a good sense of humour are useful attributes too.  No previous teaching experience is necessary.  Although those with a background in teaching or social work may find these skills useful.  As a volunteer you come to give but also to take: which means your time volunteering with us will be a time where you will learn and develop a lot. It is important to keep in mind that your time with us is a great support for us, but as well a great gain for your own life. The children you will be working with experience daily challenges that we would find hard to comprehend but they still manage to smile and stay positive. A time in a different culture can be really exhausting as well as inspiring! To make the best out of your stay: prepare yourself, read, watch and ask as many question you can!

What we offer you?

  • Pre-departure information and support, support , feedback and supervision in tanzania with our staff
  • great inside view into the tanzanian culture
  • help with finding an accommodation

What you can do for us?

Tell friends and family about your planned time as a volunteer. Help Shika to keep the programme running through collecting donations within your social support system. You will be then have a direct view into how the donation has an impact onto the children’s life.

How to find out more?

Please contact: tzmanager@shika.org.uk for more information.