Our New Tanzanian Volunteers

We are pleased to introduce our new volunteers for Shika’s after school support centre (ASSP). Rose Bendict Assey and Rosemary Bendict Assey.

rosemary_assey_DMS2200Rose and Rosemary responded to a local advertisement Shika ran looking for volunteers to help with our ASSP. Both girls have a keen interest in the welfare of children and are eager to learn more about the practical operations of an NGO. Rose and Rosemary are 25-year old Tanzanian twin sisters. Rose joins us with a degree in Mass Communication (majoring in public relations) and Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in office administration and Human Resource Management. Rosemary has a wide range of experience in Public Administration in both Government and Non-government sectors. Rose was a Member of Parliament at St Augustine University of Tanzanian Students and worked actively to research and solve student problems. Rose also held the position of Senior Treasurer of UN Chapter Tanzania Network. Rose and Rosemary joined our team in April 2014 and are now permanently engaged to help both with after school tuition and administration.

Rose_DMS2213The girls have generously offered their services with a small re-imbursement of travel expenses. Both girls are highly motivated and great Tanzanian role models for the children. They use engaging learning techniques and take time to understand the children. They are very proactive with their ideas and opinions for our programme and we are very excited to have their input.


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