Our Work

“The quality of education is as important as enrolment. Poverty’s grip keeps children out of school”

UN Millennium Goals Report 2008


Our Approach

The main aim of our work is to provide quality educational opportunities to young people from disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Tanzania.

Our work supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal no 4 to “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and Goal-4 effective learning outcomes.”   We do this by working at the grass roots level with local  experts, schools and other non governmental organizations.  Our programmes strengthen existing education systems in Tanzania by collaborating with governmental and private schools to understand and address the challenges preventing vulnerable children from completing their primary and secondary education.

Upon completion of their education we are also working towards UNDP Goal 4 further to  “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.”

All Shika’s programmes have the end goal of producing school leavers who, through further education or vocational training, will be able to access decent jobs.  This will ultimately enable them to support themselves and their families.

We build long-term relationships with our partners in Tanzania and work together to develop appropriate and sustainable programmes to support our aims.