Our producers

How is our clothing made?

Our clothing is made in a small workshop in the deprived area of Sinone in Arusha.  Located in the heart of the community, it is easily accessible for the women in the Shika producer group.  It is very small scale.  We don’t use big factories with hundreds of machinists.  We have just four at the moment. We use limited electricity. Electricity isn’t always readily available in the community. Our sturdy old singer machines are powered by good old pedal power – literally. Our irons are powered by charcoal – not electricity. Our workshop isn’t hi-tech which means much of the clothing production is by hand. Our tailors are skilled but such is the quality demanded, every day each tailor will produce between 1- 2 finished garments. We are all about quality not quantity. Fair not Fast fashion.

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All our tailors are happy. They work for a very good wage in good conditions with good benefits. We think this makes are garments feel special as well as look special. You should feel proud to wear Shika, knowing that you have invested in a garment which helps women living in poverty earn a living wage. One which helps them pay for their children’s education, the home they live in and the food they eat. Why should these women work for anything less than a living wage?

ethical fashion“Shika understands my life situation. They have given me a permanent job which I love. It helps me support my family. I now have more opportunities in life.”

Mama Sonia