Shika Educational Sponsorships

We believe that everyone has the right to a decent level of education, regardless of income or background.  Education is an important tool for empowerment yet, to children from the poorest and most vulnerable backgrounds, receiving a quality education is a huge challenge.

Our educational sponsorship programme aims to enable poor and vulnerable children to receive a quality education opportunities.  Each sponsorship provides the sponsored child with school uniforms, materials and books needed for school.  It also pays any school, enrolment, and excursion fees, which are out of reach for many of the poorest children.

Sponsored children also benefit from developing a friendship with their sponsor from another part of the world.  It encourages them to know that somebody in another country cares about them and their education.  They also enjoy learning about their sponsor’s lives and culture.

In addition, the most vulnerable of Shika sponsored children will receive a holistic support package from the Shika Educational Support Programme (SESP).

We currently support just over 80 children through our sponsorship scheme.

For information on how you could sponsor a child through Shika click here.