Where we work

Our activities are situated in the City of Arusha in Northern Tanzania.

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Why Arusha?

High rural poverty levels in the Arusha region has seen thousands of people migrating to Arusha city in search of better living conditions and jobs with the city’s developing tourist trade.  The impact of this is an increase in the city’s urban slum population (Tanzania has the third highest slum growth rate in Africa); the effects of which are poor living conditions, basic amenities and access to services such as education.

The Watoto Wanaweza After School Programme (ASP) is a holistic after school support initiative that provides a haven for 85 vulnerable primary school children with educational support and counselling. The programme is located at Unity primary school. Here children can stay after school to get a meal, help with their homework, play games and talk about their problems.  International volunteers from a diverse range of countries and age groups compliment the programme by offering a wide variety of skills and experience.  Some volunteers provide general support to the after school programme and others establish focused workshops to teach and foster specific talents.